Maglev M-2000 Features:

2nd Gen Maglev High Speed Switching

•   Patented Maglev-2000 Quadrupole Magnets can travel on, and transition between, low-cost narrow

     beam & flat planar guideways.

•   Maglev 2000 vehicle can electronically switch off main guideway at 300 mph to off-line stations for

      loading and unloading








Off-Line Loading for Maglev Freight/Passenger Service


Problem:  On-Line stations seriously degrade average speed.

Solution:  Off-Line station spacing will be relatively close to maximize passenger/freight revenues.



2nd Generation Maglev Compatibility with Conventional Rail


•   Maglev vehicles induce currents in the aluminum loops generating inherently stable and

     automatic levitation.

•   On-Line stations seriously degrade average  speed maximize guideway traffic capacity.

•   Conventional trains can use the RR tracks when  the Maglev vehicles are not operating.




Importance of Advanced Transport System Selection


•   Maglev transport will soon be a major global industry.

•   U.S. still has opportunity to set the International Standard  by accelerating development of its

     advanced 2nd Generation Maglev technology.

•   Instead of subsidizing high cost 1st Generation foreign Maglev, the U.S. Government should:

     o   Promote Competition to achieve the best Maglev system  based on U.S. expertise.

     o   Capture the World Market for Maglev exports.

     o   Achieve the maximum economic and energy benefits of Maglev for the U.S. and the World Community.

•   However, continuing to subsidize high cost 1st generation  foreign maglev systems and advanced

     steel-wheel trains in the U.S. will lose the opportunity to develop a robust  U.S. Maglev industry.


2nd Generation Maglev Compatibility with Conventional Rail
















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