"The Fight for Maglev"


The Fight for Maglev tells how Maglev, the first new transport mode since the airplane, will soon transform transportation in America and the World.  300 mph magnetically levitated and propelled vehicles have no engine, do not burn oil, do not emit pollutants and greenhouse gases, and are very quiet and comfortable. The book tells how the authors, James Powell and Gordon Danby, invented Maglev in 1966 and why the US failed to develop it.  Their 1st generation Maglev now operates in Japan.  The authors describe how their new more capable 2nd generation Maglev system, built as a 29,000 mile National Maglev network, will provide millions of new manufacturing jobs and billions of dollars in exports, while greatly reducing highway deaths and injuries and oil imports, if the U.S. acts to implement it.  Otherwise another country will become the World leader in Maglev.


This is a must read for all who want America to use its inventions and ideas to make America the World Leader in 21st Century Transport.

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Radio Interviews with Dr. Jim Powell







First Interview  - "How 2nd Generation Maglev Works"


Second Interview - "Maglev for Space Launch"










Contact Congress


EMAIL your Senators and Congressmen and ask them to include funds in the authorization and appropriations bills being considered to provide funds to test and certify the Powell-Danby 2nd generation U.S. Maglev system as a public passenger and freight carrier.


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YouTube Magneticglide Videos:



NBC NY News Report on The Fight for Maglev

Greg Cergol of WNBC, NY talked with Drs. James Powell and Gordon Danby, the inventors of superconducting Maglev, and Dr. Bud Griffis of the Polytechnic Institute of NYU about Powell and Danby's vision for their new 2nd generation superconducting Maglev transport system.  click here for video.



Foxnews Interview of Dr. James Powell

Great interview of Jim Powell. He explains the superconducting Maglev system and their fight to introduce this technology to the US transport market.

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Rebuild America


Vice-President Joseph Biden reviews the history and importance of transport to the U.S. economy.  He outlines the wisdom demonstrated by investment in our transport system.  He reveals shocking new data that the U.S. has fallen from 1st to 28th place in surface transportation investment.


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President Obama's Statement


Read about President Obama's April 16, 2009 admiration of Japan's superconducting Maglev passenger transport at the White House web site.


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