Importance of Guideway Design

U.S. MagneticGlideTM



Uses repulsive magnetic force from zero energy loss super-conducting quadrupole magnets that permit heavier cargo, electronic switching, and operations on planar track.


•   Magnetic fields in passenger

     cabin do not exceed natural

     earth field.

•   Large air gap (4-6 inches.)

     inherently strongly stable.

•   No weather or seismic issues. •   Low construction cost.



German Guideway


Uses attractive magnetic force from energy consuming conventional electromagnets. Ultra-engineering tolerances and rapid servo control of magnet current required to counteract instability of narrow air gap (1/2 inch).


•   Weather and seismic issues.

•   Very expensive construction




Japanese Guideway


Uses repulsive magnetic force from zero consuming superconducting dipole magnets.  Magnetic fields in passenger cabin substantially exceeds natural earth field. Large air gap (4-6 inches).


•   Inherently stable.

•   U-shape Guideway is sensitive

     to snow and ice conditions.

•   Very expensive construction




Maglev 2000 Narrow Beam Guideway


•   Full Length (72 foot) Prototype

     Narrow Beam Manufactured in

     New Jersey.

•   Reinforced Concrete Hollow Box

     Beam w/Post Tensioning Cables.

•   $40,000 cost for first unit;

     Projected to be $20,000 in large

     scale production.

•   Projected to cost Approximately

     $4M per Mile (2- Way


•   Supports 100,000 lb vehicle with

     1/4 inch Mid Span Deflection.



MagneticGlideTM Interstate Freight Carrier Return on Investment is Very Competitive


•   Reduce oil imports and trade deficits.

•   Save lives and cut health care costs by reducing traffic fatalities and injuries. •   Enhance logistics for Defense and Homeland Security.

•   Reduce highway and local street maintenance costs by reducing wear and

     damage by trucks.

•   Reduce fiscal deficits by lower petroleum prices, lower inflation, and greater

     productivity in transporting goods and people.

•   Enhance environment and health by reducing pollution.

•   Increase the export of U.S. manufactured goods.













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