Maglev M-2000 Features

Why the U.S. Needs to Develop M-2000 System

The 21st Century Electric Travel Machine


•   More powerful lifting capability

•   High-speed electronic switching

•   Transitions from narrow beam to planar

•   Compatibility with existing rail

•   Low-cost of prefabricated narrow beam guideway


2nd Generation Maglev Lifting Capability


•    Revenue from 3000 intercity trucks per day equal 150,000 daily passengers •   Many Interstate routes carry 15,000 or more trucks daily


Main Components for Maglev (PDF)



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U.S. Priorities


•   No. 1:  Ensure U.S. energy and economic security.

•   No. 2:  Reduce highway deaths, injuries, and congestion.

•   No. 3:  Enable a cost effective, high capacity national Maglev network

     with the potential to be financed by private capital.


U.S. Energy and Economic Security


•   World oil production will peak ("Hubbert’s Peak") within 10-20 years.

          o  Production will peak slightly above current 80 million barrels per day

               and then steadily decline.

          o  Oil price will then rapidly and continuously escalate.

•   2004 U.S. oil consumption is 20 million barrels/day.

          o   U.S. Consumption in 2025 AD is projected to be ~2 times greater.

          o   2/3 of U.S. Oil used for transport.

          o   70% of U.S. Oil will be imported by 2025.

          o   $100/barrel of oil would result in U.S. trade deficit of 1 trillion dollars

                per year.

•   High prices and foreign control of oil will threaten U.S. energy and economic



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