Welcome Aboard!

Select your seat, store your bags in the luggage compartment, make yourself comfortable, select your destination from the screen display, swipe your travel card, relax, connect up your personal communicator or laptop and enjoy your trip.


You are a passenger on the MagneticGlideTM Service, North America’s future interstate travel machine. It is smooth, quiet, and fresh: mountain pure air flows through the spacious cabin. Library lighting and conversational acoustics create a relaxed and comfortable environment for reading, writing, or simply viewing the scenery or the way ahead on personal monitors or a cabin video.


At your choosing, your personal MagneticGlideTM cabin-video monitor   will keep you posted on your geographic location, your favorite newspaper, or video broadcast with audio through a personal earbud.


The MagneticGlideTM cabin-video monitor   will give you a 10, then a 5-minute notification, and a final debark chime.



Gliding on a Magnetic Wave is Smooth, Quiet, Fast, and Efficient


MagneticGlideTM travel is smooth. There is no vibration.  There are no moving parts. The familiar shake, rattle, and roll of railroading and the bumpiness of air travel are gone.


MagneticGlideTM travel is quiet. Gliding on an invisible magnetic wave there are no engine noises, no steel wheels-on-steel rail clickety-clack, no screech of the brakes.


MagneticGlideTM travel is fast and efficient.   There is no friction except for air. Superconducting magnets support your vehicle as it glides on a super stable 6 inch thick magnetic carpet at 300 miles per hour. There are no delays due to weather or congestion.  You are always on time.


MagneticGlideTM travel does not burn petroleum. This 2nd generation magnetic levitated transportation system uses much less energy than auto, air, and rail.


MagneticGlideTM service is cheaper than travel by auto, conventional rail and air and you reach your destination much sooner. If you want to, you can even take your auto on the trip in a separate MagneticGlideTM vehicle. For most Americans, your nearest MagneticGlideTM station is only minutes away from your home, workplace, or other destination.


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Interstate Transport System Conceptual Definition


•   Builds on Historical Evolution of Transportation System.

•   Harbors, Settlements and Trails.

•   Ports, Towns, Trails and Rivers.

•   Ports, Cities, Roadways, Rivers and Canals.

•   Ports, Cities, Highways, Rivers, Canals and Railways

•   Ports, Cities, Highways, Interstate Highways,  Rivers, Canals, Railways,

     Pipelines, Wireways and Airports.


A National Interstate High-speed Maglev Transportation System


•   Uses the rights of way of Interstate highway and Amtrak rail systems.

•   Links metropolitan hubs along established  corridors.

•   Discourages sprawl.

•   Multi-modal.